Artist Statement

Adam J Long artist statement

Art cannot be a carbon copy of life; and thus, in that specific sense, cannot be “true.” And if not true, it must therefore be false. But if art may dispense with the constraining exactitude of literal truth, it does acquire in return incalculable powers of persuasion in the imagination.

Chinua Achebe

I am a photographer particularly interested in the medium’s ability to render a description of the world that appears factual and accurate. My photographs are documentary in nature – a representation of visual elements that existed in front of me at a given time. I draw upon metaphor and the photograph’s ability to point to things larger and more expansive than what is within the frame. The sequencing of my photographs is a subjective process that provides a slippery terrain for the viewer to navigate: the expectation of "truth" onset through a traditional use of the medium, clashing with my subjective motivations behind the organization.